Selfineer YOUR life

Personality Workout Program, Workshop, Coaching

Selfineer YOUR life!
The most important person... is you!
What is this about?

What is this about?

This is about YOU.

  You're lacking a proper goal or vision or you are unable to make an important decision?

   You feel like you are kind of stuck in your life?

  Your relationships so far have been so-so to really bad and you're done with the online dating horror?

  You are somehow unhappy and feel like something's missing – but you can't quite tell what it is?

  Or you feel like life is passing by without you?

Find out what YOU really want

Discover the love for YOURSELF

Spend more time with YOU

The program

You have different possibilities to get you to the you YOU want to be:

Take it slow

Selfineer I

11 weeks

training program by email


personal coaching

111,- Euro

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I'll take it slow

Start off with determination

Selfineer II

11 weeks

training program by email


personal coaching

333,- Euro

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I'm starting off

Pro Selfineer

Selfineer III

11 weeks

training program by email


personal coaching

555,- Euro

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I'm a pro selfineer

The Selfineer Program is your personal training boot camp on the way to yourself.

How does it work?

The process

Whatever way you choose, the goal stays the same: YOU.

  • Get to know yourself better

    Find out who you are and what defines you. What makes you laugh? What moves you? What is your story? What are you passionate about? What is important to you? What are your personal values and goals?

  • Spend more time with you

    Date yourself! With no inhibitions: ask yourself everything you’ve always wanted to know about yourself. Take yourself to the cinema or the ballet. Go on a weekend trip with yourself. You can even take yourself home after the first date, without any remorse.

  • Begin to trust yourself

    You have spent some time with you now, you have come closer to you, you have learned to appreciate your strengths and loveable weaknesses. Now you can show some more of yourself. Open your heart and trust yourself more.

  • It’s getting serious

    Are you ready for the next step? It's time for you to make a decision. Do you want to continue this relationship and appreciate yourself as your absolute favorite human being? Then answer with...

  • YES,

Why work with me?

From Experience.

Body, mind, and soul in harmony - for me this is not just a phrase. I trust in the self-organizing power of body and soul. All you need is already in you, you only have to look closely. The program can accompany you and help you sharpen your introspection, become your own best friend, and unfold your full potential!

Why am I so sure?
I went the way myself.

Annegret Corsing - Erfahrungsexpertin, Therapeutin, Trainerin mit Schwerpunkt Resilienz, Achtsamkeit und Selbstmitgefühl

Annegret Corsing

Expert from experience, therapist and trainer with a focus on resilience, mindfulness and compassion

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